November 29, 2012

Crazy Enough by Storm Large

Publisher: Free Press
Publication Date: January 2012
Categories: Personal Memoir, Mental Illness
Source: Thanks to Kristin Matzen at Free Press

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Yes, Storm Large is her real name, though she’s been called many things. As a performer, the majority of descriptions have led with “Amazon,” “powerhouse,” “a six-foot Vargas pinup come to life.” Playboy called her a “punk goddess.” You’d never know she used to be called “Little S”—the mini-me to her beautiful and troubled mother, Suzi.

Little S spent most of her childhood visiting her mother in mental institutions and psych wards. Suzi’s diagnosis changed with almost every doctor’s visit, ranging from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to multiple personality disorder to depression. One day, nine-year-old Little S jokingly asked one of her mother’s doctors, “I’m not going to be crazy like that, right?” To which he replied, “Well, yes. It’s hereditary. You absolutely will end up like your mother. But not until your twenties.”

Storm’s story of growing up with a mental time bomb hanging over her veers from frightening to inspiring, sometimes all in one sentence. But her strength, charisma, and raw musical talent gave her the will to overcome it all. Crazy Enough is a love song to the twisted, flawed parts in all of us.

My Thoughts:

This memoir is vulgar, honest and heartbreaking. Storm Large pulls no punches as she tells her tale of sex, drugs, rock & roll and mental illness.

I didn't know anything about Storm Large before I started this book. I didn't watch her on the reality show Rock Star Supernova, I hadn't heard her music. That absolutely didn't matter. She puts it all out there in  Crazy Enough, from her hyper-sexed childhood and drug addiction to finding her place in the world of music and performance.

Growing up in the shadow of her mother's many illnesses (real and imagined) Miss Large lived a life that I can only describe as broken. The term "dysfunctional family" doesn't begin to cover it.

In Crazy Enough Storm Large tells her truth in a raw and candid way.


  1. I've never heard of this person! It sounds like a depressing story. Did you walk away feeling sad or like YES, we can handle anything! ?

  2. I had not heard of her before, but I do like true stories and this one does intrigue me. The interview with Rosie was great to watch.

  3. I'm glad you mentioned that that's really her name, because first thought was "no way is that her real name."

  4. You're on a "read about mental illness" mini-streak! But this book sounds awesome, too. I just love the strange reads! I've also never heard of her, but it's great that she was able to make a success out of herself.

  5. Storm is an interesting person and amazing performer.