November 21, 2012

30 Day Book Challenge: Days 26 & 27

Day #26: A book I wish would be written

I want to read a book about the HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! This would be a magical book that I could download directly into my brain of course, because wow would it be long! I love to learn. I want to know ALL THE THINGS. I hope someone is working on this book right now.


Day #27: A book I would write if I had all the resources

I would write about book about me! Seriously, don't you think it would be ultra-fun to write a memoir? Not to sell, but to leave to future generations of my family. Is my life that interesting? Nah. But I bet the kids of the future would love to read about the olden days. You know,  before flying cars and teleportation become commonplace.

I'll get on soon as I have all of those resources. (Peace & quiet!)


  1. ooo, what a fun challenge! when i get more organized, i need to get back to my blogging! Until then, I'll be checking your page out :-D

    (This is actually La Toya from La Toya, Literally. I'm just signed into my other blog hehe! )

  2. So I like the idea of the history of the entire world, but can you please write it in many volumes? I can't stand when there's so much information in one paragraph of a book that it makes your head explode! But I love the idea!

  3. A book with all the history in the world would be cool, though you'd never get to read anything else. Ebook only so it could be continuously updated. A memoir would certainly help future generations with all the questions of how you relate to them, who you were, etc.

  4. Haha I totally agree about the history of the world. I love learning stuff!