September 30, 2012

Bloggieta 2012 Finish Line

Bloggiesta Finish Line

Thanks to It's All About Books and There's a Book for hosting Bloggiesta! This was my very first Bloggiesta. I almost didn't join in but I'm so glad that I did.

I've learned a lot and accomplished quite a bit. I have things I still want to work on and new inspiration to do so!

Trish inspired me to myself a handy dandy blogging calendar and to designate a notebook to be my blogging brainstorming companion at all times.

Brianna clued me into Pocket!

Smash suggested that I grade my site! I was pleasantly surprised by the results and also learned of things that I can work on. (I need to engage more on Facebook and Twitter. If you don't follow me please do so by clicking on the buttons on my sidebar! I'll return the favor)

Amanda taught me how beneficial using schedules and templates can be and from there I learned about Windows Live Writer. I'm going to continue to work on learning about WLW because I think it's going to be fabulous once I get the kinks ironed out.

Thanks to Jessica for reminding me how to revitalize older content, such as adding popular posts to my sidebar.

Work in Progress!
Melanie has me thinking about adding a guest post policy.

Sheila reminded me about how important a clean layout is and challenged me to read and comment on new blogs.

Thanks to Jen for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone!

I wish I had had more time this weekend to get to every single challenge. I haven't even gotten to the technical challenges yet! But I'm going to keep plugging away. Then I'm going to check out the Bloggiesta flashback challenges and work on those. Also, I'm working with a blog designer right now so look for some fun changes here soon!

I hope you had a fab time with Bloggiesta and got a bunch of things accomplished! Ole!