August 15, 2012

Lit Bits 08/15/12

The American Library Association has a great page detailing how to donate books to needy libraries and other organizations. There are a lot of options. Check it out.

Not the Booker Prize 2012: The shortlist has been released. There are zero women authors on this list which is a little disappointing to me.

Heads up, Roald Dahl Day is coming up on September 13th!


A video from writer Derek Sivers...a reminder of how at the end of every computer is a real person. I found this on GalleyCat.

Cathy Bryant, of Manchester, England has written the worst sentence of the year. Don't be too sad for poor Cathy, she earned herself a prize for doing so!

Project Gutenberg's Top 50 Free eBooks visualized by it magnified here.

As always, happy reading!


  1. That sentence is awesome beyond belief! I think that I will post it on my Facebook wall! What a great idea for an award!

    1. Fantastic isn't it?? I was looking through the other entries and giggling ;)