August 9, 2012

Lit Bits 08/09/12

This is so so ultra cool! Small Demons is a company that believes that 
powerful and interesting things can happen when you connect all the details of books. 
This is definitely worth exploring!

I'm starting to fall in love with Lit Lovers, a site with book reviews, reading guides and a lot more. 
I'm really excited about the free online Lit Classes they offer. 
I haven't taken one yet, but I will be in the very near future. 
(Free, did you catch that??)

I just saw an article on Brain Pickings about a book called Books: A Living History by Martyn Lyons. 
It sounds wonderful. I don't know about you but I love reading books about books. 
I'll be hunting this one down for sure.

"Ahhhh, the book was better!"

Ten movies you didn't realize were books per Flavorwire. Die Hard? For real? 

Happy Thursday Relentless Readers!


  1. I too love books about books. Though at times I think that I am being a little too wonky and obsessive by reading them.

    1. Being a wonky and obsessive reader is just the way some of us are Brian! And in my opinion? That's the BEST reader you can be ;)

  2. I didn't realize Clifford was that old! I wasn't aware of him until the mid-80s.

    1. I didn't either. The first I remember knowing of the books and PBS show was when my oldest daughter was a little girl in the mid 90s