August 1, 2012

Lit Bits 08/01/12

Welcome Relentless Readers! 
Some bookish bits for your enjoyment:

Have you seen Very clever! 

The Estella Society is a new book blogging community. 
The tagline: A reading playground by book bloggers, for book bloggers. Sounds interesting hmm? 

The Historical Novel Society is a literary society devoted to promoting the enjoyment of historical fiction. This site has a fantastic amount of information.

This is a great article from Flavorwire about 10 memorable sets of sisters in fiction. 

Franco Origlia/Getty Images for The New York Times

 Gore Vidal died yesterday at the age of 86. Here is a hilarious list of Mr. Vidal's quotes.  
I'm partial to #13:

“You hear all this whining going on, ‘Where are our great writers?’ The thing I might feel doleful about is: Where are the readers?” – from Esquire, 2008

Have a great Wednesday and as always, Happy Reading!!

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  1. Thanks for the links. I was really saddened when I heard about the passing of Gore Vidal. We really lost a great mind.

    The Estella society looks very promising I really hope that it takes off. is smart and funny. I wonder how much time it took to find the combinations!