July 8, 2012

Summertime Reading?

Do your reading tastes change when the warm weather hits?

Every year tons of "Summer Reading Lists" come out. From all sorts of outlets: NPR, Oprah, etc. etc. I'm a gal who loves a good book list, of any sort. I like to see what others are reading and to find books to add to my ever towering TBR pile. 

Something I don't do? Change my reading style based on the weather. I read what I read, I love the books that I love. The number on the thermometer doesn't mean a darn thing to me. (As far as reading goes anyway! When it's hot as hell like it's been lately it means that I'm holed up somewhere that has a blasting air conditioner.)

I'm curious, do you find yourself reading lighter fare in the hotter months? 


  1. Hi, great blog! I am a new follower from GoodReads and would love a follow back!

  2. It depends...if I'm travelling, I like something 'lighter' because of all the interruptions. But usually, I'm just like you...I read what I read. Non-fiction if I'm writing though! :)

  3. Interruptions while reading, ack, that is the worst~! :)

  4. Hi Jennifer - I so agree with you. i never really understood the summer reading list thing. I always assumed that the idea was to read something "light". I think that the idea started with "Beach Reading Lists". Even when I read at the beach I do not find that the book needs to be easy or light. Lately I see that some of the summer lists contain some pretty heavy classics which further confuses me.

  5. I always felt as if they (the list compilers) were saying here you are, your list of fluffy reads for this season, we've conveniently dumbed it down for you! ;)